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Elinor. The Deserted Valley
  • Current 12376
  • 123%
  • Backers 175
  About  PLAY  Moscow, Russia  Tabletop Games $12,376 pledged of $10,000 goal 175 backers  Welcome to the world of Elinor! It’s time to dive into a large-scale fabulous world of adventures, fights and magic. We blurred the ...
This is Nowhere
  • Current 86,492
  • 167%
  • Backers 885
 About  Clayoquot, Canada  Photobooks CA$ 86,492 pledged of CA$ 52,000 goal 885 backers I was born and raised in Tofino, a small town on the West Coast of Canada where my dad worked as a fisherman and ...
ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Adapter for your mobile devices
  • Current 3,007,370
  • 2506%
  • Backers 70,122
To get an extra ZNAPS Adapter with your pledge, please follow the instructions at the end of the page. Let’s make charging easier! ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging ...
  • Current 1,325,241
  • 4417%
  • Backers 5508
                      It’s hard to capture smooth video with your smartphone, we’ve all been there. You think you captured the perfect moment, but it ends up as a crappy memory. ...
  • Current 1,618,869
  • 813%
  • Backers 8330
An interactive home monitoring owl. Today more and more objects are connected, but none of them truly connects with you. Ulo creates a unique bond, like no other device. It redefines the way you ...
Purple® Pillow: The World’s First No-Pressure Pillow
  • Current 2,640,852
  • %
  • Backers 17,733
About this project  PLAY Purple® Pillow: The World’s First No-Pressure Head Bed  Alpine, UT  Technology $2,640,852 pledged of $25,000 goal 17,733 backers The Purple® Pillow: The World’s First No-Pressure Head Bed Most pillows are made from garbage. ...
  • Current 883,460
  • 2524%
  • Backers 8019
Get all the essential ports you need. 2 USB-C ports 1 SDXC card reader 1 mini DisplayPort (mDP 1.2 video output, 4k displays at 60Hz refresh rate) 3 USB-A 3.0 \ charging ports Built-in ...
HUDWAY Glass: keeps your eyes on the road while driving
  • Current 622,785
  • 622%
  • Backers 9,095
With the help of 9000+ people, we’ve launched HUDWAY Glass production. Now, before you start scrolling, here’s the list of quick links to the info you may be looking for: 1. Campaign FAQ (compatible devices and ...
Onewheel :: The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard
  • Current 630,862
  • 630%
  • Backers 1,015
THANK YOU! Thanks to all our Backers for an amazing Kickstarter campaign. We absolutely crushed our goals and couldn’t have done it without you! We have an exciting several months ahead of us and ...
Halfbike II
  • Current 973,764
  • 1947%
  • Backers 2,416
We believe happiness has something to do with playing and having fun. And that includes going out and being active. So, we set out to create a new vehicle to awaken your natural instinct ...
Misen: Cook Sharp
  • Current 1,083,344
  • 4333%
  • Backers 13,116
One Knife to Upgrade your Entire Kitchen Quality kitchen tools are vital for a better cooking experience. They allow you to be more creative & versatile in the kitchen, help produce better quality food, ...
HiddenHUB | Wireless HD Audio Meets Timeless Design
  • Current 1,239,639
  • 619%
  • Backers 2,698
The HiddenHUB is the first truly smart speaker. It does things no other speaker system can do; it detects when you’re home, adapts the audio to the shape of your room, and surrounds you ...
Prepd Pack – The Lunchbox Reimagined
  • Current 1,439,098
  • 5756%
  • Backers 12,557
Lunchtime: It’s the most difficult time of the day to control what you eat. Eating out, or getting takeout, can get costly — and it’s virtually impossible to know exactly what’s inside your food. ...
Apricoat | A Zero-Compromise Jacket for Adventurers
  • Current 1,778,861
  • 3557%
  • Backers 11,027
High performance outerwear at amazing pre-order prices. Thought up by hardcore hikers and brought to life by veteran fashion designers, Apricoat is the apex of 10 years of adventure travel and material design. The ...
Nebia Shower – Better experience, 70% less water
  • Current 3,126,114
  • 3216%
  • Backers 8,559
You’ve taken thousands of showers. You’ve never experienced Nebia. Nebia’s design and engineering provides a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense. Nebia is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable ...
Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android
  • Current $1,576,011 
  • 3152%
  • Backers 9,023
Plug in your phone, take a picture, and get a photo in seconds! Then watch your photos come to life on screen magically! Prynt is compatible with iOS and Android phones including:   Forbes: “Prynt is ...
  • Current $1,633,361 
  • 544.4%
  • Backers 12,553
The Field Skillet is a meticulously designed smoother, lighter cast iron pan reminiscent of the best vintage American skillets—but with a modern twist. This is your new everyday pan and it will get continuously ...
OSSIC X: The first 3D audio headphones calibrated to you
  • Current $2,708,472
  • 2708%
  • Backers 10,263
THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED 3D AUDIO HEADPHONE OSSIC X is the world’s first 3D audio headphone that instantly calibrates to the listener, increasing the sense of auditory space, and acoustically recreating the way you ...
OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console
  • Current 8,596,474
  • 904%
  • Backers 63,416
Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still get an OUYA. Head over to for more info and to place an order. We just added game streaming through OnLive! Final Fantasy will be on OUYA…and we have ...